Senior Team Open. Thursday 12th September


1st.K Potts. O Ballantyne. A Hall. D Wright. Ramside 86 Points

2nd.T Farnworth. J Dalziel. T Tunmore. G Russell. Arcot Hall 84 Points

3rd.P Malkin. N Cutler. P Harbord. M Clucas. CEGC 83 Points (BB9)

4th. K Martin. R Hunter. D Olaman. M Pope. CEGC 83 Points (BB9)

5th.R Walker. S Scarr. A Robertson. C McGowan. Durham City 83 Points (BB9)

PLEASE NOTE, All Prize money has been credited into an account at Tim Jenkins Golf

Ladies Team Open. Tuesday 3rd september


1st C Muwanga, P Coxon, S Farrell, S Parkinson 90 pts CEGC, Brancepeth, Blackwell

2nd J Potts, E Drakesmith, C Bell, A Suki 88 pts CEGC, Durham City

3rd M English, M Hann, K Holcroft, M Foreman 84 pts (BB9) CEGC, Hartlepool, Durham City

4th M Kay, L Shaw, Y Horsman, H Dea 84 pts Thirsk & Northallerton

Gents Team Open. Sunday 19th May 2019


1st. I Hardy/N Fisher/B Perkins/P Wilkins 93 Points

2nd.J Cook/M Cook/M Pope/M Young 87 Points

3rd. K Martin/N Martin/R Hunter/ C Houghton 86 Points

4th. C Bragg/S Wilson/C Hamilton/G Tubman 85 Points

5th. B Magge/P Malkin/T Magee/G Harvey 84Points

Congratulations to Mr S Wilson from Whitehaven GC for his magnificent hole in one on our eleventh hole.

Gents 4BBB Open. Saturday18th May 2019


1st. S Thomas / L Eyre Kilton Forest GC 46 Points

2nd D Dickinson / A Graham Durham City GC 44 Points BB9

3rd. G Peacock / K Robson Tyneside GC 44 Points BB9

4th. M Atkinson / B Ord Castle Eden GC & South Shields 44 Points BB9

5th. P Barclay / S Ellis Castle Eden GC 44 Points BB9

6th. M Atherton & S Carr Castle Eden Golf Club 43 Points BB9

Mixed Team Open 1st June 2019


1st K Pendlington - Lye, E Patterson, R Lye, G Patterson. Wearside GC 81 points BB9

2nd D McNeill, G Watson, C Mcneill, T Watson. Billingham GC. 81 points

3rd E Lane, S Graham, H Lane, A Graham. Castle Eden & Middlesbrough 80 points

4th A Walton, T Bell, G Walton, C Bell. Durham City GC. 79 points

PLEASE NOTE, All Prize money has been credited into an account at Tim Jenkins Golf

Gents Senior 4BBB Open. Thursday 6th June 2019


1st. D Ferries & I Thornton. South Shields GC 44 Points

2nd.T Chopra & N Chahal. Matfen Hall GC 44 Points

3rd K Martin & I Parnaby. CEGC 44 Points

4th B Magee & P Malkin. CEGC 44 Points

5th. J Cushlow & K Redden. CEGC 44 Points

6th B Davison & P McCusker. Consett GC 43 Points

PLEASE NOTE All prize money has been credited into an account at Tim Jenkins Golf.

Ladies Open. American Scamble 14th June 2019


1st. M Snowdon, M Moore, L Davison, P Simpson. 64.9. CEGC / Brancepeth

2nd. S Lucas, B Hillier, M Grainger, P Jones. 66.4. Ingleby Barwick

3rd. A Stebbing, J Meakin, S Bland, E Holland. 68.1. Masham / T&N

4th. C Reed, L Hicks, G Longstaff, C Millward. 68.2. Eaglescliffe

Senior Open 2 Thursday 18th July 2019


1st. I Parnaby & E Bennison CEGC 45 Points

2nd.K Barker & H Dean. Whitby GC 44 Points

3rdR Goodchild & K Henderson. Matfen & Hexham 44 Points

4th E Knights & P Irwin. Hunley Hall 44 Points

5th. W Beadling & K Simpson. Eaglescliffe 44 Points

6th R Anderson & L Haywood 44 Points

PLEASE NOTE. All prize money has been credited into an account in the winners names at T Jenkins Golf

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