The following is from the Official Handbook of Castle Eden Golf Club 1949 kindly given by Mr. R. Hodgson, Past President:-
Castle Eden Golf Club was formally known as THE DENE GOLF CLUB and was formed after the first World War by some of the staff of Messrs. J. Nimmo & Son Ltd., Brewers of Castle Eden, with the help of the owner. The land, which was rented for the purpose, is situated between the Sunderland and Stockton Road and Castle Eden Dene, which dene is rated as one of the best in the countryside.

Although the course stands amidst coal mines, there are no signs of mining activities from the course, and the surrounding scenery is beautiful indeed. When the Club came into being, the persons concerned obtained for a Club House a large army hut from the War Department, which with a little alteration was made into an excellent Club House, comprising a large Lounge overlooking the course, a smaller lounge, Ladies Room, Gents’ and Ladies’ Locker Rooms and a Bar. At a later date a brick kitchen was added at the rear. The Club House, although mainly made of wood is still in an excellent state of preservation.

The Dene Golf Club when it was founded in the 1920’s was used solely by the members of the Brewery as a private Club, although a few local residents were members on invitation. In 1922 the Club was changed to Castle Eden Golf Club and opened to the public for membership. During the 1939/45 World war the Club lost two of its most interesting holes and two emergency holes were made to keep it a nine-hole course, but it is hoped that the lost holes will be restored some time in the future.

Two holes are always referred to as the “Clock hole” and the “Punchbowl” which are the present 5th and 6th holes respectively. The “Clock” hole derives its name from the fact that the green is near the side of the road in front of the Brewery on the wall of which is a large clock overlooking the golf course; while the “Punchbowl” is so called because the former green at the 6th hole was in a hollow in the shape of a bowl. One of the most interesting holes id the 8th hole which is 190 yards long, there being about 100 yards carry over a ravine, often a graveyard of good scores.

The course, placed as it is, is easily accessible with a bus stop at its entrance. There are also ample car parking facilities. High and plain teas are catered for. The Castle Eden course is a joy to the golfer practically all the year round, the turf being in excellent condition, and survives excessively dry weather better than most. The President, J. W. Nimmo Esq. has been President of the existing Club since its commencement and has always taken a keen interest in Sport, and the welfare of the Club.